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 In-Depth Fantasy Motocross Coverage


Fantasy sports have been taking over the internet landscape for the past few years; sites such as Draftkings and FanDuel have created an industry of revenue and popularity that weren’t around a decade ago.

With all mainstream leagues being covered by major fantasy outlets, and even sports such as MMA (UFC) now breaking the mold into the betting realm, it leaves many in our sport to wonder, why aren’t Motocross and Supercross able to be bet on in with professional gambling?

Well, we do have a start. Fantasy leagues provided by sites such as Motocrossfantasy, RacerX, and the highly touted RM Fantasy Supercross have allowed fans to bet and choose riders based on a series of circumstances and formats. But contrary to other professional sports leagues, there isn’t much detailed analysis to decipher when it comes to Motocross and Supercross riders; where as per say, the NFL has an entire staff/show on both NFL and ESPN networks dedicated to choosing your fantasy football lineup each Sunday.

Trey Canard SupercrossHere’s where PluggedMoto comes in. Many details and analytics are bypassed when customers choose their riders for each respective contest; many a time they are chosen just on a “big” name basis, without proper research and adequate details of each racer’s background.

PluggedMoto’s goal is to provide you with both, intricate detail of each racer that steps behind the gate, and a different perspective of each weekend’s events/what is currently going on in our sport. If we can help put a little extra money in your wallet, a prize in your belonging, or a different view for you to ponder, we’ve done our job.

We hope to plug you in to an exclusive race scene that’s yet to be unveiled. Thank you for viewing. – Plug


In-Depth Motocross Coverage and Fantasy Insight